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Espanola Coffee Roasters

We are committed to sourcing specialty grade coffee that is ethically produced. Our importer has direct connections with some of the farmers and they import conventional and certified grown coffees to meet the demand of today’s social conscience consumers.  We aim to bring out the characteristics in the coffee that people can enjoy. We strive to provide great customer service to everyone and to brighten up their day. 

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Did you know?

Coffee beans are actually the seed of a coffee cherry, and there are usually 2 seeds in each cherry. In specialty coffee, the cherries are hand picked when they are perfectly ripe. This is one of the many reasons they are of higher quality

"Excellent coffee and fantastic service. We love to support local!"

L.S. (Facebook Review)

"Excellent coffee at a great price! So good it barely lasted the holidays. Highly recommended!"

F.T. (Facebook Review)

"I brought a bag to work at the hospital in toronto where there are plenty of independent coffee places, and this coffee was a big hit with my coworkers!!"

J.K. (Facebook Review)

Our Newest Blend

"Hometown" available in 400g, 950g, 2.27kg and 100% Compostable k-cups

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